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Robotization contributes to every aspect of food production

There are many reasons to move towards robotization. In this blog, we will briefly explain some of the reasons why food processing companies should do more with robotization and why now. Wherever human hands are involved, there is a risk of contamination. This risk is reduced if you let robots take over the work. Food […]

Transparent information on label

The growing need of consumers for transparency about the product is an important trend. Consumers want to know the origin and composition of the product for various reasons. They are looking for authenticity, for healthy products or sustainably produced products. Sometimes there are medical reasons for wanting to know the composition of the product. Retailers […]

Ultimate Palletiser Cobot Promotion

We offer you the opportunity to install an Ultimate Palletiser Cobot in your end-packaging department free of charge for a fortnight. What can you expect from us? We deliver the Ultimate Palletiser to your factory, install it, enter the dimensions of the boxes to be stacked into the system, test the system and boxes to […]