Announcement of 20kg Ultimate Palletiser

We are pleased to announce the Ultimate Palletiser based on the Fanuc CRX 20i/A. This cobot palletiser has a total lifting weight of no less than 20kg. With this robot arm, the Ultimate Palletiser can handle a wide range of products, from (open and closed) boxes to crates in all sizes and weights.

Our drag-and-drop tool gives you total control over your production. Adding, changing, or deleting product programs is easy and fast. You can do this via the built-in Siemens PLC or via your computer in combination with a USB stick.

The Ultimate Palletiser meets all requirements to be able to work without a fence. Thanks to the sensitive and smart sensors, the cobot knows immediately when there is contact with a person, and it will stop directly. Restarting the cobot is done by pressing on the “resume” button and the cobot will pick up where it left off.

In addition, all our grippers are 3D-printed and designed with rounded edges to bring safety to an even higher level. If desired, a (light) screen can be placed around the setup to eliminate the risk of any collisions.

Besides palletising, it is also possible to use the system for other pick-and-place operations, such as case packing. As the Ultimate Palletiser is also easily movable, the system can be used in a flexible way.

Interested in what the Ultimate Palletiser can do for you? Please contact us at or +31 (0)71 – 203 2160.