NOVEXX ALX 924 | 925 | 926

The Novexx ALX series are print & apply applicators that have more than proved themselves in practice. The quality of the print and applicator is high. The Novexx ALX is an industrial and user-friendly print & apply applicator.

Unique properties:

  • Industrial and user-friendly printer
  • Very secure print & apply applicator
  • Simple and clear settings


This printer offers the possibility to print a complete or a part of a label and apply it in-line, directly. The different types make it possible to process labels up to a width of 160 mm via these printers. The labels from this printer are always excellent. These printers have been developed for challenging production environments and, in addition to being reliable, they are also very fast, with speeds of up to 50 m/min.

Applicator specifications


NOVEXX ALX 924 | 925 | 926


Printing method

Thermal transfer / direct thermal


Print resolution

300 dpi


Maximum print width

106 | 127 | 160 mm


Maximum label width, including paper track

16 – 130 | 16 – 130 | 13 – 184 mm


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