Ultimate Palletiser

The Ultimate Palletiser is based on a Fanuc cobot arm. These are versatile, collaborative, industrial cobots with both a high payload capacity (ranging from 12.5kg – 25kg) and a long reach (1418mm), making them very suitable for palletising.

With the Ultimate Palletiser, you are assured of an employee who can work 365 days and 24/7. Palletising is both mentally and physically challenging for your human workers due to its monotony and physical intensity. The Ultimate Palletiser can support the workers by taking over this task.

Safe and easy to work with

It is important that operators can work well with the Ultimate Palletiser. Therefore, we have made the controls and interface user-friendly.
The Ultimate Palletiser is safe to use without a fence, but a (light) fence can also be placed if required.
In addition, you always have insight into the output of your production through the Insight Tool where the achieved KPIs of the Ultimate Palletiser are displayed.

The palletiser is standard equipped with a magazine for intermediate sheets; if necessary, this magazine can be driven away. The palletiser is available with an infeed conveyor belt to the left or to the right.

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The cobot is standard equipped with one 3D printed gripper, a vacuum, angle or fork gripper, that is designed and produced in-house and can be customised in your company colour.


Cobot Safety

The cobot collaborates with a person with or without fences. Combined use is only intended for non-hazardous applications, where the entire application, including tools, work object, obstacles and other machines, is free from significant hazards in accordance with risk assessment of the specific application.

Every user is obliged to perform a risk assessment and safety investigation for the application and to ensure that all required safety levels are enabled in the cobot. The user shall perform this safety investigation or have it performed.

The Ultimate Palletiser complies with the EU Machinery Directive.

For more information, please contact Max Calis or Annette Kimsma at +31 71 203 2160 or info@sica-packaging.nl.

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