Less packaging, more sustainability

Sustainability is getting increasingly more important to consumers. For example, as laid down in the European Packaging Covenant, the Dutch government wants to limit the use of packaging material and stimulate reuse. Consumers, too, want less packaging. Research shows that 66% of the Dutch want less plastic in packaging. You therefore see plastic being replaced more often by cardboard or other packaging that is easier to compost or recycle. But even then, good consumer information is important. In which waste stream should the packaging go? What can be reused?

Skin packaging is on the rise due to the developments mentioned above: a packaging that wraps around a fresh product like a skin and makes it airtight. With such skin packaging, the amount of plastic can be reduced considerably. However, a manufacturer has to invest heavily in order to adapt the production process.

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Credits image: https://www.bfgpackaging.com/sustainable-and-eco-friendly-packaging-solutions-from-bfg/