Working in the food industry and experiencing a labour shortage?

Just a few years back people were scared robots would take over their jobs. Today, there aren’t enough people for all the jobs there are out there. Especially within the food production industry where a lot of the jobs involve repetitive tasks that are physically and mentally challenging. Most people do not want to work those jobs anymore and even migrant workers often prefer working other jobs. And when they are working at a company, if they get a job offer that pays them slightly more, they’ll go for it. Rightly so. However, this causes a lot of trouble for the plant/production/factory/technical manager whose job it is to ensure that production keeps going. In current times, they are busier to find sufficient people then with their original tasks. And naturally this has an impact on the production results.

It doesn’t have to be this way. We at SICA packaging & robotics believe that people and robots/cobots can and should work together to get best of both worlds. People should focus on tasks that require more creativity and include more versatile and complex operations. This will benefit their work happiness which will result in more loyal employees. The repetitive tasks such as palletizing, casepacking or other pick & place tasks should be done with robots/cobots. They are built for doing the same over and over again without making any mistakes. People are not.

In an ideal world every company would like to have a fully automated process. Sadly, it is not that easy. Automation costs money, time, and knowledge. With more than 60 years of experience, we understand this. We think together with our customers and give them advice on where to start automating and how processes can be done differently in order to save money and get a more efficient and productive production.

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